Welcome to day 2 of “When Brooches and Necklaces Collide”! Today I am featuring a multi strand, vintage Monet, chain necklace with 4 different looks, each punctuated with a fabulous brooch!

268First I started with a mixed, 3 strand chain necklace by Monet, circa 1970s, available here.

1Next I added a fabulous floral brooch with rhinestones and pearls. This works well because the gold tones are the same. The eye can seamlessly go from the brooch to the necklace because of the commonality of the gold tones. The gold on both pieces is so close that you could easily assume that the necklace came with this fabulous floral piece! For more details on the brooch click here.

2IMG_6094In the next photo you can see how I easily pinned the brooch onto these chains, making sure to put the pin through several of the chains so that the brooch would be best secured and stable.

IMG_6095For the 2nd look I added a splashy, rhinestone brooch! Going for a glamorous, retro vibe! I secured this brooch the same way I did in the first look. Off to the side is key with this necklace and it being so close to your face, it’s most flattering for the jewel or brooch to be off center. Get more details regarding the rhinestone brooch here.


In the 3rd look I used a delicate, blue rhinestone butterfly. The shape and color of this is a nice contrast and the scale is very complimentary to the chain. You can get more information regarding the butterfly brooch here.

264265266Above, I easily secured the butterfly on the chain, scooping just 2 strands of chain because that’s all that fit under the clasp. This is plenty to support the brooch and have it sit nicely in place.

butterfly rhinestoneFinally, for the 4th look I used 2 beautiful, rhinestone butterfly brooches to create this stunning statement necklace! Get details on the large butterfly here, and the small here.  Again, I pinned each of these to the chains and “fluffed” them a bit so they laid nicely!

Post a comment below and tell me how you would style this chain necklace! And be sure and post your brooch and necklace combinations on Instagram tagged with #broochnecklacecollides.

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Tune in tomorrow for day 3 of “When Brooches and Necklaces Collide”!

Have a nice day!

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