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Only 20% of the clothes in the average women’s closet are worn on a regular basis.

Do you…….

  • Feel frumpy in your clothes?

  • Struggle with mixing and matching your clothes?

  • Have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

  • Spend money on new clothes trying to fix your wardrobe?

  • Hang onto ill fitting clothes thinking they will fit again someday?

  • Feel like you’ve lost your sence of style?

  • Struggle with not knowing what looks good on you?

  • Lack confidence in your appearance?

Benefits Of A Great Wardrobe 




How much time do you waste getting dressed? How much money do you waste buying clothes trying to feel good about your wardrobe and style?




Professional image has a direct effect on your career, income, business success and personal life.

The average women experiences ‘wardrobe panic’ 36 times a year because she feels she has nothing to wear.

A disorganized, messy closet is a recipe for real dissatisfaction and added stress.


I want you to feel like a million bucks for your next big meeting, brand shoot, or running out for coffee tomorrow morning.


More than 40% of women don’t like ANY of their clothes. Reasons include the items being out of style, uncomfortable, ripped/torn or stained.

Like it or not, people judge us regarding how we show up. Your style helps shape others perception of you. How are you showing up?  


One in ten women are depressed when they open their closet.

How can I help you feel, confident, chic and put together?


“I recently hired Susan to come to my house to deal with my closet jammed with 15 years worth of junk. She was incredibly helpful clearing out my closet, finding what goes with what, things that work well on me and things that were just old and tired. Susan’s clear and concise, repectful and very knowledgeable with clothing, fashion, and fit. I really enjoyed working with her and recommend her service to everyone.”

Adele Genzlinger

“Susan methodically went through my wardrobe keeping in mind my lifestyle and personality type. She showed me combinations that I would never have thought of. By the end of our appointment, I felt excited to wear my clothes again.”

Karen Wilson

“As a business owner I wanted to upgrade my style and wardrobe to look and feel more confident and Susan did just that. Highly recommend!”

Sif Traustadóttir

Sif The Vet

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