Are you a little crafty? Do you take pride in wrapping gifts with your own personal flair? Here’s a few ideas on how to use vintage jewelry elements to embellish your packages and gifts this season.  I used vintage single earrings, broken brooches and beads from broken necklaces to create the looks below. Hope I might inspire you to use a few baubles and beads to create these fun gift toppers!

Below: This was super easy! The key here is to use very luxurious ribbon, the kind with the wire that you can manipulate. Then I simply used a contrasting jewel to pop on the bow.

yesOn the green bow, I used a single red and pink rhinestone earring. And I just clipped it on!IMG_6845On the pink bow I used a glue gun to attach this green rhinestone brooch!

IMG_6844Next, I created a few vintage bead clusters to embellish small packages.yes (5)

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I did this. I found my red/pink bead box and this contains beads that are all from broken vintage necklaces.

yes (2)Then I got out my bead headpins, and created a loop so that they can be attached to a ring. You will need wire cutters, pliers and small, round needle nose pliers to do this.yes (3)Next, I attached the clusters, in odd numbers, just like flower arranging, to a small ring. Then I attached that small ring to a large ring. This way, you will get a nice tight bunch of beads on your package.yes (4)The large ring is ideal for threading your ribbon through when you wrap your package making it super easy to attach your garnish or embellishment!IMG_6819IMG_6823

In this next group, I added a few single earrings to the vintage beads. So, same procedure as above with the beads, except to add the earring there will need to be some place to get a small jump ring through or if the earring is a screw back, cut the screw top off and with plyers, curl the stem, making a loop. With a clip back you can attach the large gold loop through a hole.

yes (7)IMG_6834IMG_6830IMG_6831In this final group, I simply glued a few broken jewels to the packages. This was quick and easy and added just a nice, clean touch.yesIMG_6801IMG_6798Got some ideas on how to use vintage jewelry in your gift wrapping? I would love to hear about it! Share your ideas and post a photo in the comments below!

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