I am so excited to see the classic film noir movie, Double Indemnity tonight! It is playing at the Million Dollar Theater in downtown Los Angeles and if you live in the LA area I highly recommend that you try to make it to this show! You can get details and tickets here. (It’s only $ 10 !) The plot is murder, but created to look like an accident in order to cash in on an insurance policy! “Just you and me baby, straight down the line!” The film is well written with some clever dialogue and paced with really good twists and turns.

double indemnity movie posterBarbara Stanwyck is fabulous in her role. Also, Edith Head was the costume designer and she created a wardrobe that complimented and enhanced Barbara’s character, Phyllis Dietrichson.  Phyllis claims to be a neglected wife, and Edith Head brilliantly shows her true character through costuming and jewelry. She is not weak, and demure. She is bold and confident. And so is her jewelry! Check out this statement necklace and related bracelet:barbra ff-babs-buttonsAnd how about this brooch on her V neck dress? Beautifully accentuates her decolletage. I love the statement cocktail ring here too – again, big and bold. (Is this her wedding ring? Wow!) 10006000_692934780750184_379266206_oblack dress 5 + Double Indemnity + Barbara Stanwyck + Fred McMurray + Edith HeadKimberly Truhler of GlamAmor has a fabulous recap of the film and role of fashion and costumes for Double Indemnity on her website here. Hope to see you there! Share your comments below!

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