RL inspiration 2015 jewelry create the lookI have been obsessed with the jewelry from the Ralph Lauren spring 2015 runway show since I posted about it last September. I decided that I would try to replicate a couple of the looks with vintage jewelry I had on hand. I had a great time copying these looks! And I was inspired to try a few more from other photos I had seen recently. The general premise on this fashionable exercise was to pile on the necklaces and keep it inside the blouse – just like Ralph!

Runway model far left, necklaces assembled to create the look and me on the right. Not bad, huh?mulit color ralph lauren

One new trick I did here, was I had several necklaces that were all the same length and I needed them to have a more gradual variety. So, I found a bracelet that did the job nicely! I secured the necklaces by using the hooks on one end and the clasp on the other. Worked really well and all the “hooks and clasps” are hidden by the collar of my blouse. Check out the photo below to get the idea.

necklace extender braceletRunway model on the left, jewels in the center and me on the right. I layered 2 rhinestone necklaces here, and found these amazing clip earrings. Very similar!

black dress rhinestones RLI combined the necklaces by hooking one end to the double rhinestone ball strand and with a small safety pin on the other side. Worked great! New trick! Check out the photo below:

IMG_7083I came across this photo last week of a look from YSL. Here’s my take on this look!

YSL pink necklace inside blouseAnother ad in which I coveted the jewelry was for David Yurman featuring Kate Moss decked out in sterling silver.

david yurman chainsWell, things got carried away and I couldn’t resist a few more versions of layered necklaces inside the blouse.  How about some white and gold chains? This is LA after all…I love how these all worked together! And I especially love how the top necklace, which I usually refer to as a “prom queen” style fits right in and adds a great texture right at the neckline!

gold and whiteGold chains and more gold chains!

gold chainsPearls and gold chains! I love how this look takes the pedestrian element out of the 3 strand pearl necklace. All the unexpected textures, pearls and chains work really well here!

pearls and goldReady to try this at home? I would love to see your necklace combinations! Again, almost all the jewelry used for this post is vintage, costume jewelry and is available in the on line store.

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