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When you organize closet you can get dressed faster and easier

If you want to organize your closet the key is to think of your closet like a big file cabinet. This way you have a system in place so that you can find what you need and where something goes when you put it back.

Getting dressed should be an easy, pleasant and rewarding experience. It takes time to organize your closet, but in the end you will save time, stress and money. When your clothes are easy to locate, things are pressed and ready to wear and you will benefit because your can find what you want to wear, when you want to wear it.

The 10 Closet Rules that will keep your closet organized include:

1. Fit – Only items that fit you right now are allowed in the closet. This is critical when you organize your closet. Many people clutter up their clothes closet with garments that are too small or don’t currently fit. Don’t do that. They take up space, are distracting and a bummer when you try them on just to be reminded that they don’t fit.

2. Category – Sort all your clothes by category. This means group all tops together, all pants together, all dresses together, all formal clothes together, etc.This can vary depending on what you have. If you have a lot of jeans make them a category. If you have a lot of matched suits, put them together.

3. Color – Take it one step further and sort each category by color. The most popular way is light to dark. You can do your own version of how your want to sort by color just be consistant amongst each category.

4. Hangers – Use the same hangers throughout your closet. I like to use 2 styles: regular hangers and clip hangers. When you use 1 or 2 styles of hangers it is much easier on the eyes as you are scanning your closet and looking for something. The continuity is visually calming and feels like you are in a nice store or boutique. It’s the most accessible upgrade you can do to improve your closet experience. You can find many styles of hangers on Amazon. Want to match your bedroom colors? You can find pink hangers, turquiose, etc. as well as lots of neutrals.

5. Direction – Hang each garment so it faces the same direction. This makes it so much easier to see the front of each garment as you scroll through your closet. I like garments facing to my left as I look into the closet. I like this direction because I tend to scroll left to right and because my bedroom window is on my left so the natural light is best sorting that way.

6. See – Try to set all your garments and accessories up so you can see them. Take shoes out of boxes and position scarves and handbags so you can see them. If you keep things in boxes or bins in which you cannot see through, things default to “out of site out of mind” and are worn far less often.

7. Exclusive – Only items that relate to your wardrobe go in the closet. Nothing else is allowed to live in or be stored in the closet. You are special and your clothes closet should be set up to serve you holding only clothing and accessories.

8. Ready To Wear – Only garments that are truly ready to wear go in the closet. This means everything is pressed, dry cleaned, no missing buttons, broken zippers, or items in need of tailoring. When you come across a garment that need cleaning, repair or tailoring remove it put it in a designated bag/box or separate section of your closet marked for outbound care.

9. Edit – Review you closet on a regular basis and remove items that you don’t seem to wear anymore or those garments that are worn out and tired looking. Resell or donate gently used items. Toss the truly worn out things.

10. Notes -Keep a notebook by your closet so you can make a note of an item you wish you had or need. This list will help you know what you need when you go shopping. Or use your cell phone to keep your list.

Use and implement the “organize your closet” rules and tips that appeal and work for you.