IMG_7629Ventured out Monday to Hollywood to take in the Louis Vuitton Series 2 – Past, Present, Future Exhibition. It was awesome! If you are in Los Angeles in the next 2 weeks, (the event runs through February 22, 2015) I highly recommend you visit it! The presentation, clothing, special effects and videos are amazing. And the marketing behind this show is brilliant. They encourage pictures and video, give away stickers and there’s even a poster! When was the last time you got or bought a poster?! The fashionistas will love it and the marketers will appreciate it too! Get details here on the event.

Huge, 3 dimensional, neon artwork at the beginning of the show. I have linked a very cool video reflecting the LV history and where it’s going to the photo below! Be sure and check it out!

yes (3)Video of 8 foot high images of male and female models speaking about the future and the LV brand.

IMG_7438Very artsy display of new product and iconic LV pieces owned by famous people!

louis showroomGreta Garbo’s Shoe Trunk! It still has the labels inside the lid! One label reads Bullocks!IMG_7463IMG_7470Notice the new LV logo on this handbag! Very clean and futuristic, and it appears that the L and V are the same shape, set just right to form the famous logo.IMG_7498The all white room and mannequins truly keep the focus on the handbags and shoes.IMG_7526

IMG_7479On to the Sticker and poster room!

IMG_7556Next was a round room, with multiple screens playing the video from the Spring 2015 runway. Click the photo below or click here to play it!IMG_7568Finally we get to the clothing! It is set up like a real backstage fashion show feeling, complete with voice overs as though the show was about to start. The clothes, handbags, shoes and jewelry were amazing!

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