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I just love the Joan character on Mad Men! And I love her confident style and the way she proudly shows off her curves! She has 2 signature jewelry pieces: large brooches and the pen necklace.

Joan wears brooches really well, personalizing her outfit and making it look finished.  She seems to favor gold tone, floral type brooches and moves the placement often – off to side or front and center – either way it looks great! Gold and warm tones look best on her with her hair color and skin tone. She also wears large, glamorous jewelry well too. She wears necklaces that fall at mid length, which are most flattering for her keeping the focus slightly elevated complimenting her hair and face.

The pen necklace is truly iconic to Joan’s style! Smart and never missing a beat, she is always ready for opportunities! The vertical line of this necklace is very flattering on Joan’s curves and will make any woman look taller and slimmer. In fact, this pen necklace has become so popular that the 1928 Jewelry Company put it in their line and if you want to emulate Joan’s style you can buy it here. Also, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant – was interviewed by LUCKY magazine just prior to the 5th season and she tells the story of the pen necklace – she got it at the Rose Bowl Flea Market! The interview is a quick read and a fun peek into the costuming for the show, click here to read it.

Finally, Christina Hendricks talks about how Joan has evolved here.

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