Fall fashion is alive and well. And hitting the stores in full swing. Gorgeous colors. Sumptuous fabrics. Exquisite details. Check out your local clothing boutique or specialty store, the September and October issues of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and your favorite fashion blogs to get the scoop on all the trends. For jewelry trends fall 2016 you will see the influence of 3 major rock and roll stars this fall. They include David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust persona, Prince in the 80s and 70s Mick Jagger! The vibe is glitter, glam, rock and roll. And the jewelry looks awesome.

The top trend in jewelry for fall is: Chokers. You’ll see why I love jewelry so much because it’s one of the best ways to interpret fashions seasonal trends and bring it into your wardrobe. This is a great strategy for updating your wardrobe if you tend to stock your closet with classic timeless pieces. I am so excited for this trend and I think there’s a version for every women of every age. In the past chokers were necklaces that sat right on the neck, usually ribbon with some kind of embellishment, or in the 1990s chokers with cameos were all the rage for a few months. This time the trend broader, and there are many ways to wear this jewelry trend so your outfit will look current and fresh. So, here we go…


fall jewelry trends 2016 chokers

fall jewelry trends 2016 chokers

jewelry trends fall 2016 chokers

jewelry trends fall 2016 chokers velvet chokers mixed layered necklaces

Velvet Chokers: I love velvet.

  • Black velvet, burgundy velvet, brown velvet.  I love velvet worn as a choker with either an embellished rhinestone detail or one large brooch. There are some terrific pieces in stores right now or if you are a DYI’er, this look is an easy and striking project. You can use lace, add baubles from a broken piece of jewelry, grab a scrap of fabric and embellish it, combine 2 compatible mediums such are silver chain and leather. How about that blue satin bow, from Dolce Gabanna? I already bought my ribbon and I have a cool vintage rhinestone belt buckle. Will share all my DIYs for chokers in a few days.
  • Hard Chokers: These are typically metal and will slide around your neck and hold their shape. They can sit on the neck or sit right at the base of your neck.
  • Stone or Beaded Chokers: These can be a beaded or stone necklace and the trick here is you want to clasp it so it sits right at the base of the neck.


jewelry trends fall 2016 pearls chanel necklaces edgy pearls

jewelry trends fall 2016 pearls necklaces earrings

What can I say? Pearls just never go out of style. And they are in again this fall. Love the multi strand necklaces as shown by Chanel, middle photo, top, with pink bowler hat and coat. I also like the strand of peals layered over the paisley scarf, lower left photo. Also, notice that the 2 photos that show pearl necklaces worn as chokers. Another trend that continues is the statement or shoulder duster earrings. (More on those later in this post). Love seeing pearls hitting the long or duster earring trend, see last photo, lower right.


jewelry trends fall 2016 earthy-stones raw

Stones popped up with a true organic and earthy vibe. By this I mean raw stones with organic shapes, unique striations and on gorgeous colors. Some are bezel set while others are mixed with related metal details. These are big and bold and I love these looks. Keep your outfit simple, but with maybe a luxurious top coat or wrap in a colorful pattern or texture.


jewelry trends fall 2016 shoulder-duster-earrings

jewelry trends fall 2016 single earring shoulder duster earrings

jewelry trends fall 2016 single earring shoulder duster earrings

jewelry trends fall 2016 geometric-earrings modern earrings

jewelry trends fall 2016 button-earrings

jewelry trends fall 2016 asymetical-earrings

Earrings are really important this season and there are so many great options.

  • Duster – (top photo) The shoulder duster earring first came on the scene in the early 1990s. And it looks great this season. I love the look of wearing the duster earrings with a complimentary choker, which frames the face beautifully.
  • Single – (second and third photos) The single earrings as been around for a couple of years now, although I have not seen it very much in real life. I really like the look and believe in order to pull this off you must wear it with confidence. And you must be dressed in a suitable outfit. It’s not going to work with yoga pants on an early morning coffee run.
  • Geometric metals – (fourth photo) these geometric shapes are a welcomed contrast to the tactile, fuzzy, tweedy and brocades. Look for fabulous vertical drop earrings as well as interesting hoops with a surprise ball detail. These hark a bit of punk rock and again works well back to all the sumptuous textures in the clothing.
  • Button – (fifth photo) They’re back! The button earring is back. This has not been in style since the 1980s and when Dynasty went off the air. Now don’t get me wrong, they looked good back in the day with shoulder pads, leg of mutton sleeves and big hair. The button earrings this fall look new and fresh. How can that be? Well, let me tell you: they are oblong button styles that lay across the ear. Or they are true rounds but in a flattering and chic looking size. Warning: if you have a round face, you should avoid round earrings. You will better off with earrings that have angles or are drop of chandelier style.
  • Asymmetrical – (bottom photo) I love this combination of asymmetrical earrings. It’s easier to wear than the single and I think it’s a really cool earring look.




Charms and talisman motif jewelry exudes a worldly. well traveled and antique vibe this fall.

I absolutely love this mix of baubles and bits in this trend. The chunky statement necklaces, worn close to the neck look especially good on on a V neckline. Even the shoulder duster earring evokes a well traveled and worldly vibe. I can see another good DIY project here. In fact I found some perfect charms to replicate this look just a few weeks ago. Stay tuned for my attempt to mimic this look.




Brooches are still very important. Some clever ways to wear them include:

  • Two together or in pairs, especially 2 petite or tiny brooches, top photo far left.
  • Two connecting a delicate necklace, bottom left photo.
  • In your hair, as seen in the bottom photo, center and right. I really like this idea for holiday dressing and what a fun way to wear your brooches.
  • Huge and impactful / Juxtaposition of vintage on contemporary piece like th coat in the top photo, far right. Very chic.





Silver jewelry was seen as a trend on the fall runways. The look is chunky, chains, geometric and again drawing influence from punk rock and the 1990s. I really like the idea of mixing bold chain it’s another texture like leather or pearls. Also, design elements included safety pins and paper clips, calling out more punk rock inspiration.




Bracelets are chunky and anchor a sleeve or glove.

  • The newest look in bracelets is wearing a bold single or cuff bracelet over a sleeve or glove.
  • The other way to wear them in pairs with the 2 bracelets being very related, such as the same bracelet but in 2 different colors.




Statement necklaces are important and look for over sized or XXL details. Feel free to break out the big pendant necklaces and wear them a bit shorter at around a 24 inch length.



Layered necklaces were prevalent on the runways and love the options shown above.

  • Pearls and chains (left photo) Love the mix of the feminine pearls with the bold silver chains. This looks really good with the denim blouse. This a a good example of something a bit unexpected but it works really well taking the sweetness out of the pearls, and making them strong and still beautiful with th contrast to the stark chains.
  • Delicate chains and charms (center photo) This necklace has a fantasic look and fills in the models bare, V neckline well. This really shows off the necklace and it seems like it’s  like a net with strategically placed charms.
  • Staggered layers (right photo) Here’s another layered necklace look that works really well evoking a well traveled and worldly vibe featuring necklaces with nicely related textures and antique tones in the chains and charms.



Coin jewelry and pendants with a round, disc shape were shown on the runways. Coins are a popular motif and I love when they are embossed with details such as dates, countries and fleur de lis.



An extremely popular look was wearing rings in multiples. My favorites are shown above worn in 3, all related and working together, with strong commonality.



Flora and fauna comes up a lot in the jewelry seen on the runways. Try a flower or insect pendant or brooch, earrings. Flowers are always good in my book. Flowered in the hair in too. You could try a floral brooch or check out some crafters on Etsy for that look.
Other trend notes:

  • Top color for fall is berry, wine and deep shades of red.
  • Shoes are super embellished
  • Bomber jackets are hot
  • Velvet is important

Look for my DIYs for several of the jewelry trends noted above.

Share this with your friends who need some fashion inspiration and want to get excited about their wardrobe this fall.  There’s lots of gorgeous possibilities. Enjoy!

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