IMG_1627Being that it’s still summer, with lots of warm weather and sunny days left, I decided to see what I could do with a straw fedora hat and some jewelry to glam it up and make it your own. I initially got the idea from some photos I took earlier in the week by putting a vintage Versus Versace necklace around the crown of the hat. That got me thinking…. could there be more fun jeweled hat looks (tricks!) just waiting for me to discover them? I took my own challenge and here are the results. I hope these examples give you some food for thought about your jewelry and how you could use it on your fedora. If you don’t have a straw fedora, there are lots of options out there in many price points. My fedora is from Burberry and is pretty soft and flexible and I would recommend one like this as it was very easy to manipulate it, pin it and embellish it. So, here are my best hat tricks. pucci scarf and blue broochHere I used a small, cotton, Pucci scarf rolled up and tied and secured at the back of the hat. It is a perfect fit with just enough fabric to tie a small knot. Then I added this vintage rhinestone brooch and pinned it through the hat and scarf. This would be great with jeans at a Saturday afternoon barbecue.IMG_0731 IMG_0729 IMG_0728butterfly broochI love this vintage, green butterfly brooch. It was perfect on it’s own pinned directly on to my hat.IMG_0724IMG_0726IMG_0725IMG_1697This vintage Versus Versace necklace works well on the hat and was super easy. You will need to small safety pins for this and the next couple of hat tricks. I simply figured out the center point of the necklace and lined it up with the center front of the hat. Then I laid each side of the necklace around the crown of the hat and pinned each side from inside the hat. Use a small safety pin to minimize it showing in any way.IMG_0721IMG_0711IMG_0762IMG_0713blue and pearl necklaceI used a long necklace with sea glass, faux pearls and gold sea horses for this example. Perfect for the beach, right? This was a little more work, but once I figured out how to wrap the necklace so that is was secure around the crown it was pretty easy. I took the necklace and wound it around the crown of the hat and secured the clasp at a cooperative point in the necklace. I was left with about a 10 inch section. So, I pulled that section back across the front of the hat and then secured it with a safety pin on the inside of the hat. See the photos below for details. Do you have any necklaces that you could do this look?IMG_0742IMG_0743IMG_0744IMG_0745IMG_0746IMG_0736IMG_0734pearl and rhinestone neckYou didn’t think I would skip a pearl example did you? This look is a little dressed up, in case you have a party to go to and don’t have time to do your hair. Get out your hat and add a glamorous pearl necklace. This is secured just like the Versace necklace above. Line up the center of the necklace with the center of the hat. You don’t have to be exact, this is summer after all. I pinned each end of the necklace with a small safety pin inside the hat.IMG_0760IMG_0761IMG_0759Hope you liked my summer, jeweled, straw, fedora hat tricks. Let me know which one is your favorite by leaving a comment below. Or better yet, show me your best jeweled straw, fedora hat on Instagram by tagging me @susanjanejewels

Have a great weekend!

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