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How to store and organize handbags

Organizing and storing handbags has many women perplexed. Organization and consistant care of your handbags will protect your investment, make it easier to find the bag you want and help it last longer. Handbags that are not stored properly will most likely lose their shape, get scratched and damaged.

Working for Kate Spade, Burberry and Chloe handbags I learned some great tips and strategies to help your handbags look good and last longer. Store you handbag properly and it will last a long time.

Stuff it

When you buy your handbag, the bag will most likey come with paper or plastic inside that the manufacturer placed there. This stuffing protected the bag in shipping and helps it look nicer in a store. Many people make the mistake of disregarding the stuffing as just shipping materials and dispose of them. Don’t do that! Use the stuffing to help the handbag keep its shape when it’s not in use. Don’t let that expensive handbag get smashed and misshapen because it got crushed under a pile of other handbags or shoes. When you’re using your handbag, simply put the stuffing inside the duster cover, and put that back on the shelf until your are ready to change out to another bag.

Protect your investment

Better and luxury handbags will usually come with a dust cover. The purpose of the dust cover is to protect the bag from dust and keep other bags or anything else that might rub against it from nicking, scratching or gauging it. Protect your investment by keeping the dust cover and using it when the bag is not in use. Pull a little of the duster cover or duster back at the top or corner of the handbag so you can see the color/ pattern of the bag, so you can easily identify it.

Store your handbags vertically

Store your bags on a shelf, standing upright, with the dust cover protecting it. Place the bag so the bottom of the bag sits on the shelf. If you are pressed for space, you can place some in between the others, the opposite way, with the top or opening facing down towards the shelf. Make sure there is room around each handbag so that nothing has a lot of weight on it. We don’t want any handbags crushing each other because they are jammed on a shelf like sardines in a can. Hanging handbags by their handles will put stress on the handles and will weaken the strap down the line. Handbags ffor sale in any better or luxury store never store backstock handbags hanging from their handles. You shouldn’t either.

Watch this video where I’ll show you how to stuff and store your handbag >>

Matching wallets

If you have a matching wallet, you can store that inside the related bag. This will help keep the 2 pieces stored together.

Color codes and season codes

Sort your handbags. Colors light to dark, or all clutches together, all evening bags together, or whatever makes sense for your bags. If you have a lot of bags sort by season, such as fall/winter stored together and spring summer stored together in another section.

Leather care

Ocassionally use leather lotion to moisturize your handbags. Again you want to protect your investment. Leather skin and like skin, need a little moisture now and then. You can find leather lotion a your local shoe repair, or on Amazon here.

How to select a handbag

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