Golden Globes Fiji Water girl shows us how looking good boosts confidence and feeling empowered

Originally published on Elephant Journal 1/11/19

Big awards shows can be a bore. Hours of red carpet arrival coverage, lots of talk and predictions of whom will take home the awards and tepid jokes typically round out the actual ceremony. The next day is usually focused on the winner and losers – both of awards and fashion. But this year the Golden Globe Awards was a little different. An unknown, young woman, was photo bombing the camera on the red carpet. Apparently Twitter was on fire about her during the red carpet portion of the event. That girl, better known as the Fiji Water girl caused a media sensation. Wait, what? Who? How does this happen? Furthermore, how did she do that? Here are 10 things to learn about personal style from the Fiji Water girl.

1.Wear clothes that fit and flatter you. When clothes fit well, and the color flatters your skin, hair and eyes, you will look you best. The Fiji Water girl’s dress fit her and flattered her. The Fiji Water blue, brand color was sensational on her and was definitely “her color”. Ill fitting clothes or a mediocre color will attract attention to the garments you wear. In contrast, wearing clothes that fit and in your best colors will create a visual where people see notice you first and then the clothes second.

2. Dress for what you want in life. The Fiji Water girl is a Brand Ambassador for Fiji Water. She dressed and presented herself with intention. Yes, it’s a uniform. A very pretty blue, evening gown kind of uniform. But that’s the point. She wore that to communicate that she was part of the brand, we knew her as the Fiji Water girl. That’s how people will refer to you when you are at the neighborhood meeting, networking event or cocktail party. People who don’t know you will often tag you with a description about what you are wearing. Dress with purpose and intention. It’s a way to tell the world who you are and what you do. The Fiji Water girl wants to be on camera.

3. Confidence is the most attractive thing you can wear. The Fiji Water girl was confident and made eye contact with guests and the camera. Her confidence was exhibited over and over with sly smiles and the occasional photo bombing. She had no problem working the camera and she was good at it. People took notice.

4. Enjoy yourself. The Fiji Water girl had no problem smiling and enjoying herself. I never knew bottled water could be so much fun.

5. Make the most of every opportunity. Some people might have frowned or been embarrassed about being “only a water girl”. Not this girl. Nope. She was probably told to smile, be friendly and other common sense big event directions as a service person. But here’s the key: she made the most of this opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Oh, if all of us could remember that we have the power to decide that each opportunity deserves our best efforts and to make good on being present and doing our best. And better yet, we might even have a good time. It’s all about attitude people. Specifically a positive attitude. Make the most of every opportunity, every day. Need a little attitude adjustment? Put on clothes that make you feel good.

6. A friendly face and a smile go a long way. One of the easiest ways to connect with people is with a smile. The Fiji Water girl appeared to be friendly and smiling throughout the red carpet event. She worked that camera and resonated with viewers. Being friendly is a good thing.

7. Keep it classy. The Fiji Water girl got our attention because she looked charming, nice, and friendly. There were no wardrobe malfunctions, extreme cleavage, or tarty, contrived behavior that would make some people blush. Now, I have no idea what she does in her private life. For this event she was youthful, charming and classy.

8. Dress for your audience. Clearly there is a directive from Fiji Water about the style of the dress and blue color. The Fiji Water girl’s dress was a full length, feminine, ruffled chiffon gown with spaghetti straps. So she had to follow some direction, and the result was a traditional gown, for traditional awards show, in the right shade of Fiji Water blue. The Fiji Water girl dressed for the brand and for herself. She clearly felt confident and empowered to be herself.

9. Consistently show up. Boy did the Fiji Water girl show up. Again and again. She showed up and did her job with a smile and properly represented her brand. Because why not? Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your job is not important. Who wouldn’t want the Fiji Water girl on your team? Also we never saw her on a cell phone. How’s that for refreshing?

10. You never know who’s watching. No one in the world could have predicted the Fiji Water girl would have gotten so much attention. I wonder if we’ll see any B list celebrities vying to be Fiji Water girls soon? The point here is that no matter what we do and where we go, we never know who is watching and seeing us. Take the time to look your best so you can be your best self every day.

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