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The white shirt acts as a blank canvas

The basic white shirt is one of the key building blocks in your wardrobe. Find styles you like and keep several on hand at all times. This workhorse allows your cool, exciting, pieces to take center stage and project your taste to come through loud and clear.

Here are my tips for styling your white shirt:

  • Roll the sleeves. 3/4 roll will make your outfit look styled. Rolled higher up, with the turned back cuff, a’la Crew, is especially flattering for pear-shaped figures.
  • Try the JCrew 1/2 tuck or front tuck. This will help create a focal point for your waist and looks good on everybody.
  • Tie it at the waist. Leave the bottom buttons unbuttoned so that you can roll the shirt up and tie it off at the waist, a’la Ellie May Clampet. This will emphasize your waist and help reduce the potential overwhelm of fabric. Also very cute on everyone.
  • Wrap it. This works well if the shirt is a bit large. Wrap it like you would a Diane Von Furstenburg dress. Great for cinching your waist and creating a new look for your shirt.

Your white shirt is a wallflower. It wants to stand back at the ball and let your more glamorous pieces take center stage.

Statement pieces pair so well with a plain white shirt. Often times they are so loud and busy they need something simple to balance out their big and bold personality. I have experienced this myself and so do my clients. They can’t figure out how to wear those busy, brocade, metallic. loud printed garments. The answer: a simple white shirt.


Check out how the classic, white shirt acts as the perfect backdrop to show off my favorite colors, and cool statement pieces.

Mixing and matching your wardrobe is fun and helps you maximize what you already own.

For tips on how to mix and match your wardrobe check out this blog post.

Resources for good quality white shirts

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