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Personal style can leave women lost and unsure. I’ve noticed women in several online communities comment that they are not sure how to even start identifying their personal style. As a result, I came up the the following tips to help anyone who might be looking for ideas on how to find her personal syle and how to build their wardrobe so that it is authentic, serves them and makes them feel good every day.

1) Determine your best colors.

find your colors personal style color pallette

Identifying your colors is critical in determining your personal style. Once you confirm your colors you will have a good starting point honing in on at least one or two color pallettes in which to build your wardrobe. There is a free app online inwhich your can upload a photo of yourself and with a few quick steps get feedback on which colors and season suit you depending on your hair, skin and eye color. Check out Colorwise Me here. Feel free to call your color palette anything you like. I called mine Beachy Warm, see below

personal style color palette determine your colors

2) Determine your figure shape

body shape silhouette personal style dress clothing wardrobe

The next step to finding your personal style. It’s very easy to determine your figure shape and all you need is a tape measure. Here’s what to do: measure the following parts of your body:

  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hips

The largest measurement will determine your body type. Keep in mind that when people look at your their eyes wil automatically be drawn to the widest part of your body. This is true if you look in a mirror at yourself too, you eyes will go to the widest part of your body. What is most flattering is to create a balanced figure. Check out this website with details on how to dress for each body type.

3) Assess you lifestyle and activities

Time to do a little closet inventory. List all of your commitments and activiities and list a favorite outfit for each. Next. go to your closet and compare your wardrobe to see if you have the right clothes for all your work commitments, social and leisure activities. Finally make notes of what your migth be missing and put those items on your shopping list.

4) Look for inspiration

wardrobe vision board find your style inspiration Pinterest how to  clothing wardrobe closet ideas

Need ideas for how you want your personal style to look? Look for inspiration by following celebrities, influencers, classic films, brand websites and see how they style things. The internet is full of information, pictures, videos, films, books, so be sure and spend some time finding colors, styles, and accessories that peak your interest and connect with your taste and authentic self. Furthermore, do not box yourself in feeling like you can only look to women in your age bracket. Instead take the “how can I make this style or styling concept work for me?”Have fun with this step as it’s a wonderful creative adventure.

Online tools such as Pinterest are a great way to corral your ideas and inspiration of where you want you style to go or look like. start a personal style inspiration board.

5) Edit your existing wardrobe

edit your wardrobe get rid of clothes that don't fit never worn clothing suit your lifestyle

Now that you have an idea what your lifestyle is and what you do most weeks and months, go through your entire wardrobe and try eveything on. Yes everything. It’s time to edit out those items that are worn out, ill fiting, unflattering, out dated and or not useful for who you are now. Many women tend to hang onto clothing that is too small in hopes that it will fit again some day. Let’s focus instead on celebrating who you are right now.

6) Fit

One of the most critical parts of good personal style is buying clothing that fits well or investing in tailoing clothes so that they fit well. Even an inexpensive suit can look expensive if it is tailors to fit your body. This is super important. For example, an expensive jacket can look sloppy with sleeves that are too long and will most certainly will not flatter you. Take the time to have it properly fitted and altered so that it looks just right.

7) Build your basics

wardrobe basic classic foundation pieces essentials neutral colors basics wardrobe extenders
Here are some examples of basic, classic and timeless foundation pieces.

Make sure you have some key, basic, timeless pieces in your wardrobe. These are things like a simple white Tee shirt, season-less black blazer, etc. Focus on neutral colors as these are the foundation for creating a good wardrobe and signature style. Since you can rely on these kinds of pieces to serve you over and over again, buy the very best quality you can afford. Good quality clothing will fit better, last longer and hold up better in the long ran over inexpensive garments usually found at fast fashion retailers.

8) Styling

style clothing personal style speed date your closet

Spend time in your closet and create multiple outfits with each garment. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make with their clothing. When you buy a new item, bring it home and set the timer for 20 minutes and see how many ways you can wear the new item. This also works by simply working with the garments you already own. Use a a free day or evening to spend a couple of hours working with you own clothes to come up wiht new ways to style them. Go back and look at your inspiration board for ideas. Invite a friend to help you for a couple of hours.

Be sure and take pictures. Try to come up with a couple of signature or “go to” looks that flatter your figure, fit well, are comfortable and that you feel great when you wear them.

9) Accessories

style accessories personal style accessories how to

Accessories are the glue that pull your clothing together. They pack a lot of punch and are a great way to express your taste and personality. You don’t need a lot of accessories but be sure and invest in a few pieces that truly express your authentic self. The categories of accessories includes jewelry, handbags, shoes, belts, scarves, hats, gloves, hoisery, hair accessories, etc.

10) Organize your closet

organize your closet personal style uniform hangers sort by category boutique style

Your closet should feel like a high end boutique. Every clothes closet can be set up to be organized. The goal is to be able to find things easily. This is where what I call the “file cabinet strategy” comes into play. First sort your clothing by category first. Next sort each category by color. Then arrange the hanging garments so they all face the same direction. Invest in one or two types of hangers. By changing out all the old dry cleaner, colored tube, and plastic hangers for a uniform look, your closet will be much easier on your eyes when you scan it while locating a garment. Get more details and ideas to organize your closet here. Finally operate your closet with these closet rules so that everything inside is “ready to wear”

  • Everything is pressed
  • No missed buttons or need of alterations or repair
  • Anything that needs laundering or dry cleaning goes immediately to the appropriate bag or box.
  • Anything that doesn’t fit is not allowed in the closet
  • Folded items should be stacked with the Kon Mari method

I hope you found these presonal style tips and strategies helpful! Share them with a friend!

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