Welcome to my Do’s and Don’t of Holiday Party Outfit Fashion Guide!

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December 1 is here! The countdown begins and so does the shopping, baking, decorating and parties. Oh the parties! The time to have fun, socialize, have a cocktail (or 2), and see loved ones and friends. To help you put your best foot forward I have created a list of Holiday Party Outfit Fashion Guide Do’s and Don’ts. This guide will help you look good and feel good and make it easier for you to celebrate the party season. I’ve come up with some great ideas and solutions to get your holiday party fashion in order so getting dressed is easy and your will look great!

holiday party outfit fashion guide do's and don'ts

Here’s the holiday party outfit fashion guide that I hope will help you look great:

  1. Don’t feel pressure to run out and buy a new outfit for each party. Do utilize your jewelry and accessories to create a festive party look for each invitation.
  2. Do shop your own closet and do a little research on line, visit your favorite clothing store or look at fashion magazines to get some ideas for how to make your like current and now/fresh. Don’t repeat trendy looks that worked for you 20 years ago.
  3. Do get organized in advance of each gathering. Don’t create an unorganized situation in which you cannot locate the right shoe, or earrings and have to settle for an outfit that you are not excited to wear. Want some ideas on how to organize your outfits? Check out my blog post about holiday party fashion organizing including every detail.
  4. Do always overdress if there is any doubt about what you should wear. Read the invitation or communication regarding the details of the party to get the best understanding of the dress code. When in doubt ALWAYS over dress.
  5. Don’t be afraid to wear what you wore last year. Do change it up with different jewelry, wrap/scarf, handbag or shoes.How to remove your coat upon arrival at the party.
  6. Do look attractive when taking off your coat. Don’t struggle like a a contortionist in a straight jacket. Do take your coat off in an elegant, ladylike manner. Unbutton or untie your coat and raise both arms up towards your face and firmly grab the the lapel or   edge of the coat near the neckline. Pulling to each side, lift both edges of the jacket at the same to go up, over and off the shoulder. Next, straighten arms and let the jacket slide off. Keep good posture while you execute this move.
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  8. Are you single? Do you want to stand out at the party? While many of the other women will be in a little black dress, try wearing a color. This way you will stand out in a sea of black. Don’t wear black, do wear color.
  9. Do carry a smaller handbag or clutch. Don’t bring your back back or large commuter tote.
  10. Do bring a wrap. Don’t shiver in the cold. This bridges the need to stay warm and not have to put your coat on.
  11. Do break out the fun and fancy jewelry. Don’t break out the plastic novelty holiday jewelry. Vintage rhinestones and even bells are okay, but if Santa’s nose lights up via a battery, that’s a don’t. A true don’t.
  12. Do wear a fascinator. Don’t wear a hat indoors.
  13. Do try the denim and dressy juxtaposition. And example is denim jeans with a black velvet blazer. Don’t get too carried away with jewelry and accessories. They key to this look is simplicity. Chose one fabulous/glamorous/statement piece such a bold cocktail ring, or a scarf under the lapel or a brooch on cowboy hat.
  14. Do enjoy yourself. And graciously accept compliments without apologizing, “oh, this old thing…..”. Gals, that’s a don’t.
  15. Do wear comfortable shoes. Don’t wear shoes that are painful to wear. As a compromise, start with the really fabulous shoes, but if you can bring an extra pair to change into do it. This may not be practical for all parties/gatherings, but if you can leave a more comfy pair in the car, then do so.
  16. Don’t wear garments that pull, tug, gap open in the wrong place. Do a full length mirror test of your complete outfit: turn around to see all the angles. Is something pulling? Or obviously too tight to the point that it truly doesn’t fit? If so, make another choice. Also, check those deep V necklines. If they are loose and showing too much cleavage, find a solutions such as using a brooch to keep it lined up, or a try a camisole, or adding a scarf.
  17. Do wear a short dress if it suits you. Don’t forget to check the backside or “reveal” if you bend over to grab hor d’oeuvres off the coffee table. Do wear opaque tights if your dress is on the short side or your legs need a little help or if you live in a cold climate.
  18. Do bring the host of the party a hostess gift. Don’t arrive empty handed. If it’s a formal, organized office party at a restaurant or hotel there is no need to bring a hostess gift.
  19. Don’t get drunk and sloppy. Do know your limit and make arrangements in advance of how you will get home if you will be drinking. There’s an old saying that goes: no drinkie no drivie.


Would you like some more details on how to organize each outfit in advance? Check out this blog post I wrote 2 years ago all about putting together your party clothes in advance.


So what do you think of the holiday party outfit fashion guide? Was this helpful for you? Leave a comment below about which do and don’t you liked best. And feel free to share my holiday outfit fashion party guide with your friends.

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