Hello fall!

Now that it’s September, I’m in the mood to shop for fall clothing. This fall trends are far and wide with touches of a 70s and early 80s vibe.  Clothing trends include folkloric /boho chic, bold artistic geometric patterns, and fur. Top colors to be aware of are deep shades of red, cobalt blue,deep greens and every shade of white. Accessories are fabulous with gorgeous choices for handbags, shoes, scarves and gloves.

In this post I am focusing on the top jewelry trends for fall 2015 which include:

  • Floral and flower motifs
  • Tassels and fringe
  • Pearls – designed and worn with an edge
  • Chokers
  • Earrings
  • Pendent necklaces
  • Rings with a vintage vibe

Beauty Trends. In addition to a close up look at jewelry I also have a special 2 part post. I have partnered with Cary of Cary Makeup to share the top make up and beauty trends for fall. This is a joint project we did as part of Altitude Summit and Latina Bloggers Connect project called coLAB. Cary is 24 years old from Milan, Italy. She is getting her University degree in Tourism and loves to blog and writes mostly about beauty, makeup, fashion and lifestyle. “I am a makeup lover, a travel enthusiast, a shoes and bags addicted. ” Her blog is called Cary, and you can check it out here, or click through at the end to see her beauty recommendations for the season.

Okay, so here we go, these are the top jewelry trends:fall trends floralsFLORALS. Flowers and floral are everywhere. Love the wrap flower bracelet example on the far left, the flowers in the hair at Dolce & Gabbana, the silk flowers on the chunky chain and the over-sized flower earrings far right. I can see a DIY for the 2 center photos coming down the pike: 1. How to use a floral brooch in your hair and 2. how to recreate this fantastic silk floral poof on a chunky chain necklace. How about giving your scarf the day off and adding some warmth and chic style with this gorgeous floral?
fall trends fringeTASSELS and FRINGE. Look for luxurious corded tassels and chain as fringe on earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Any time there is movement or swing, as in these tassel or fringe details, it adds a very attractive animation to your entire look. It’s very flattering. fall trends pearls

PEARLS. June Cleaver has left the building. Pearls are big this season and worn and mixed in a dramatic and edgy way. Must figure out how Stella McCartney got the pearl necklace to retain the squiggle. The pearls on the face at Givenchy were a bit over the top and I don’t see that loads of women will wear this exact look but it does convey that pearls can have an edge. I like it. Lots of possibilities here.fall trends chokersCHOKERS. Loving the look of this necklace style that sits on the neck or right at the base of the neck. Great choices in sequined and fabric or all shades of metal.fall trends earringsEARRINGS. Earrings are the most important jewelry item for fall. Go for 80s-ish abstract 2 drops, a mis matched pair, cool 70s geometric/Art Deco vibe or a single. Also, the shoulder duster that was so popular in the early 1990s is prevalent too. Also ear crawler earrings are very important, as are ear jackets and cuffs. Feel free to embellish and adorn your ears.
fall trends broochesBROOCHES. Brooches are back and so fabulously wearable. The initial brooches at Cristobal Balenciaga are gorgeous and I saw these in person at Neiman Marcus and they are even better in person. Initial brooches in any style are a great way to get this look. Other excellent examples for styling a brooch included wearing it pinned to the fold of a chunky cowel neck sweater, on the turned back sleeve of a knit sweater and I loved the stemmed floral brooches at Prada. And I must repeat a few photos from the July issue of Vogue (below) and their fall 2015 forecast regarding jewelry.fall trends from July vogue broochesFrom the left: Another shot of Balenciaga – check out how the starburst style brooch is used here on the hip to create a focal point with the wrap skirt on the hip. Next is another photo from the Dolce & Gabbana collection featuring flowers in the hair and an rhinestone brooch on the placket between the tips of the models Peter Pan collar. Next the over sized pendent and tassel necklace on the model is very similar to a vintage brooch I have in the Susan Jane Jewels store – I propped it in the photo on the right. Finally how about the brooch used as a hair ornament at Prada? I placed a similar one with rhinestones and gold stem just below the models. This is also available in the store should you want to get the look.

fall trends 70s fine layers and pendent necklacesPENDENT NECKLACES. These awesome necklaces add a wonderful personalized touch and texture to an outfit. The pendent necklace adds a flattering vertical line that looks good on everybody.fall trends cocktail rings multiples

RINGS. Check out multiple rings on one hand. No ring is too big they are all medium sized. Vintage costume rings are perfect for creating this look.

FAVORITE PICKS. Other accessories that caught my eye this season are:

44-tods-scarf-h724Scarf by Todds. Love this cozy fur and the colors.


Tom Ford boots are just amazing.42-sportmax-MILFL2015-Sportmax-w724

Bucket bags by Sportmax. I’ll take all 3.

Cary and I thought it would be fun to share a some personal bits about “favorites” regarding the fall season and therefore we came up with a top 10 list about the things that we enjoy and reflect on at this time of year. Here’s my answers to our questionnaire.

  1. Favorite fall weekend away – Santa Barbara, California
  2. Favorite fall meal – Beef bourguignon
  3. Favorite pedicure color – OPI Amore At The Grand Canal
  4. Favorite cocktail – Merlot wine
  5. Favorite fall desert – apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
  6. Favorite fall walk / hike – around Griffith Observatory
  7. favorite fall 2015 runway collection – Prada
  8. Favorite fashion color – Reds/Burgundy
  9. Favorite lipstick color – Tom Ford, Moroccan Rouge
  10. Favorite memories about fall – Trick or Treating on Halloween as a child

BEAUTY. Ready to get the scoop on beauty trends for this fall? Check out Cary’s blog post here. You will not want to miss her excellent guide to the best make-up to look for this season!



Okay, who’s ready to go shopping with me? Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite jewelry trend this fall.

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