Let’s talk about doubling up on bracelets or cuffs. When I tell women to try wearing a wide bracelet or cuff on each wrist, the question I always get is: “But won’t I look like Wonder Woman?” Wonder_WomanWell, yes, you WILL look like Wonder Woman if you wear Linda Carter’s famous red, white and blue outfit with bracelets on each wrist. Let me show you some examples from the Chanel Spring 2015 runway show where several models made this double cuff concept work really well! chanel pearl cuffsDon’t you just love this example? I want the outfit and the bracelets! Look how chic the double cuff bracelets look here! And there is an extra CHANEL logo bangle on one arm, just so it’s not too symmetrical, just a small detail so its not too contrived. chanel double cuffsHow about matching bracelets with this dress? Do you like it? Notice there is no jewelry at the neckline, meaning no necklaces here. The focal point is on adorning the wrist. If you were to add a necklace it would be too busy. As in the photo above the addition of a small, neutral, CHANEL logo bangle is just right. chanel more double cuffsAnother good example of the double bracelet look. Here the model is wearing 2 related, wide, beaded bracelets.They are not an exact match but are clearly the same stones. I really like this icy shade of gray too – very versatile! coco-chanel-cuffsOne more example for the double bracelet or cuff strategy! How about Coco Chanel’s famous Verdura cuff bracelets? These were custom made for her and she wore them all the time in the 1930s and 40s! Get more details regarding these bracelets and Verdura here.

So, next time you are out shopping, consider getting a pair of bracelets. They can be an exact match or a related pair. Worn by themselves or with one extra, understated single as shown in the examples above, I think this is a WONDERFUL, not Wonder Woman way to wear bracelets! You could also peruse your own jewelry box to find 2 bracelets or cuffs that could be paired together to replicate these looks! Would love to see what you come up with! Take a photo and tag @susanjanejewels on Instagram!

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