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Your Color Style | Insights from founder Jen Thoden on the importance of wearing the right color

Finding your colors can be challenging, hard, and overwhelming. Hey, wasn’t that all the rage back in the 1980s? Color analysis has evolved over the years and is still¬†very relevant and important in developing your personal style. My favorite color analysis and system is Your Color Style. Check out this interview with Jen Thoden and her Your Color Style approach. I promise you will love it!

Jen discovered how color played a role in helping her get through a difficult life transition.¬†She ditched the clothes that didn’t make her feel so great and brought in colors that were a gateway to rediscover herself.

With that transformation and a background in fine art, she created Your Color Style as a way to help other women find their best colors. Experiencing the joy of wearing the right colors will boost your mood and confidence. Wearing color that makes you feel good and look good is self-care.

Jen makes a case for the importance of color, and how it can improve your self-image, make you feel like yourself, and elevate your wardrobe because you will learn to buy clothing only in your best colors.

Your Color Style is a great resource for middle-aged women, women of color, and women with grey hair. Many other color systems don’t address the needs of women of color and gray-haired women. Jen’s system does and its’ really quite accurate without being overwhelming.

She makes a case for how to include colors that you have a passion for, even if they might not be your ideal colors, and how to work those into your wardrobe. Hint: It’s with accessories!

In addition Jen has lots more tools to help you with your colors available too. One of my favorites is that after you identify your colors you can purchase your “fan” which easily fits in your handbag for in-store shopping and, (I love this idea she shared in the video) use it to edit your wardrobe! Am I right? Now you’ll know why you never wore that one blouse because it was not a great color for you.

Hop on over to Your Color Style and take the FREE Color Quiz to identify your best colors. (The quiz is completey free but if you purchase anything I will earn an affiliate fee)

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