Today I am sharing a few tips regarding necklaces. The most universally flattering necklace length is 18 inches with a pendent or charm. Here’s why:
1. An 18 inch necklace will typically fall in a V line. This creates a vertical line and slims the face and makes you look taller and slimmer. (I am always game for looking taller and slimmer!)
2. This length is just the right length for almost everybody because it adds a finishing touch to your outfit but also keeps the attention up, towards your face, which is most flattering.
3. If you are really tall or big boned, try a 20 inch necklace. The effect you want to achieve is getting the necklace to fall into a V line.

close up 18 inch blue necklace
4. Charm/pendent ideas: Anything in your favorite metal or stone is a great choice. I really like initials because it’s a nice personal touch!  Also keep in mind scale – you can go with a large pendent (as shown in photo below), just make sure you feel good about it. Sometimes just putting on a high heeled shoe just makes everything work!

close up leaf rhinestone necklace 18 inch close up

My final photos (below) are all about layering and how you can wear a lot of necklaces at once. The tip here is to keep your metals/colors very consistent, use several different layers, put your short necklace inside the collar and longer ones UNDER the collar outside of your blouse. By wearing an 18 inch necklace inside the collar, this keeps the line of vision going up towards your face, again emphasizing a taller and slimmer line.  This strategy keeps necklaces in place and the fabric helps break up the jewelry so it doesn’t overwhelm you. You can see the difference in the 2 photos below: on the left is the layered necklaces without the 18 inch inside the collar – looks a little bottom heavy don’t you think? Now, compare this to the photo on the right, doesn’t the addition of the leaf necklace inside the collar bring the eye up, and balances the look? That’s what I’m talking about! Looks good all together, don’t you think?

layers without the 18 inch versus the with the 18 inch necklaceI hope this post inspires you to play a little with your necklaces and try some layering of your own. Leave a comment below. Feel free to post your photos on the SusanJane face book page – I would love to see how you layer your necklaces! If you found this information helpful, share it with your friends!

PS: All the jewelry used in this post is vintage costume jewelry and can be found in the Susan Jane store here.

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