IMG_6196Here’s a little jewelry styling inspiration to start your week. I have some great ways to make jewelry that you already own look fresh and new! With the holidays right around the corner I encourage you to take 30 minutes this week and go to your jewelry box and PLAY! That’s right, play a bit with your jewels, dig down to the bottom of your box and find those forgotten pieces that have a good look, sparkle and shine.  And locate that brooch or 2  that you never could figure out how to wear because I’ve got some really chic looks this week! Every day this week I will post a brooch and necklace combination. All the jewelry I am using are pieces I have on hand, and all are vintage, sourced at flea markets and thrift stores! Today I am showing you multiple pearl necklaces that I didn’t realize I had and I pinned a fabulous vintage brooch on the side! I put this together in 5 minutes! This works well because:

1. Pearls work with just about everything and who doesn’t love pearls?

2. The big key here is the commonality of a pearl on the brooch. This small detail ties the brooch back to the pearls really nicely. So your eye can move easily from the pearl necklaces to the brooch. And since pearls come from the sea, the starfish shaped brooch has that in common with the pearl necklaces too. This is quite smashing don’t you think? Put this on a black cocktail dress, add a simple earring and your good to go!

IMG_6155IMG_6157IMG_6158In the photo above your can see how I simply secured the brooch to the 4 strands of pearls. If you try something similar I would love to see your results. Make a comment below with any questions or share your creative brooch ideas! Post your brooch & necklace combinations on Instagram with #broochesnecklacescollide.

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Have a great Monday!


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