brooches necks part 4Welcome back for part 4 of “When Brooches & Necklaces Collide”!

I have lots of chain ideas today so let’s get started with our first look!

258The 4 strand, chunky silver chain is perfect for adding brooches! I choose this star-burst style rhinestone brooch and it suits this necklace beautifully.

259Next, I used the same chain and tried an Art Deco style brooch which also worked really well.

260261I absolutely love the red color on this brooch and it really pops on the chain!

Below: This was an easy brooch necklace combination to put together. I used 2 gold chains that were similar in gold tone and selected a floral brooch with the same gold color.

IMG_6144Here’s how I assembled this look: Top photo is necklace 1 (it was long so I doubled it over), 2nd photo I added another gold chain with a few pearls. 3rd photo I secured the brooch.

IMG_6143IMG_6142IMG_6144IMG_6136IMG_61375th photo, (above) you can see how I pinned the brooch to the chains.

Next I have long, 3 strand chain necklace with a fabulous Art Deco, rhinestone flamingo brooch!

IMG_6147IMG_6148This was very easy to put together. I think this works really well because the flamingo is good contrast to the streamlined chains.

Next up, more novelty brooches create a very chic, French couture inspired combination with several brooches! I doubled over a long, 60 inch chain, multi chain necklace and adjusted the layers so one was longer than the other. I located 3 gold and pave rhinestone brooches that were compatible and complimentary including one with a chain motif, an arrow and a turtle. I pinned them to the chain and I love how this turned out! A little bit of whimsy and a very chic look!

IMG_6166IMG_6171IMG_6172IMG_6173IMG_6174One the 2 photos just above you can see how I pinned the brooches to the chains.

Again, all the jewelry I used in these photos is vintage, found at flea markets and thrift stores.  It’s fun to give these pieces a fresh look!

So, are you inspired yet to try this at home? Make a comment below and post your brooch and necklace ideas on Instagram with #broochnecklacecollides!



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