top tips for traveling with jewelryDo you love to travel? I do! And I like to bring jewelry along on almost every trip. Today I’m sharing my top tips for traveling with jewelry. Whether you are a luxury, first class traveler or a minimalist adventurer, I have some great tips for everyone no matter what your travel style.

1. Zip lock baggies. I love them. They come in small sizes and can be easily sourced at on line stores such as JewelrySupply. I like putting each piece of jewelry into a zip lock bag because it protects the piece, makes it easy to see and store in my purse or carry on. I always double bag earrings so they don’t bang against each other.  Once inside the zip lock bag you can then easily put that piece into your jewelry travel box or roll, again keeping everything protected and organized. Now, if you really want to travel light, you can put your jewelry into small zip locks individually and then put everything into one large zip lock, so it is all together and easy to see. The downside of zip lock baggies is that they are not very luxurious and will occasionally need to be replaced.

zip lock baggies

2. Original pouches. I like the original pouches as they protect the jewelry nicely and are compact and good for travel. A well made pouch for earrings will have the center divider so earrings won’t knock into each other. If you would like extra protection, use a small zip lock bag first and then put that inside the original felt pouch. The downside of original pouches is that you cannot see what is inside.

logo pouches

3. Jewelry rolls are a really nice way to travel with jewelry. A good jewelry roll will have a variety of zippered compartments and fold up neatly and securely. These will drop easily into your handbag or carry on. The downside of jewelry rolls is that they will add a little extra weight to your purse or tote.

jewelry rolljewelry roll demod

4. Small jewelry boxes offer good support, organization and protection for your jewelry. They are designed to hold their shape and are usually nicely padded inside. The downside of the jewelry boxes is that they are not very flexible and will add a little extra weight.

jewelry box

5. Large Cosmetic bags. Now, once you have selected your system for how you want to pack your jewelry, I recommend putting your jewelry whether it is in a roll, or box or large zip lock, into a large cosmetic style bag. This way everything is double packed and if by chance you have to rearrange things on the plane or train, you don’t have to let everyone see what you have in your bag. This is especially applicable for anyone flying who might need to get up and use the restroom or stretch.  In fact if you are flying, put all your valuables inside this large cosmetic bag so that if you do need to leave your seat, you simply pull out the cosmetic bag and take it with you.

pouch for carry on

6. Always carry your jewelry in your purse or large tote that you will have with you at all times. Never put jewelry in luggage that is to be checked.

7. Keep it simple. Bring only what you will wear. Plan your jewelry with each outfit when you pack and stick with the plan.  No reason to tote around and manage extra baubles that you don’t end up wearing.

8. Use the room safe if staying at a hotel. Take a piece count and photo of your jewelry before you put it in the safe. And then when you pack up, check the piece count to make sure you haven’t left something out or in the corner of the safe. I count earrings as one piece. Never leave any jewelry just sitting out on top of a desk or counter in the hotel room or as a guest in someones home. Dishonest people are always looking for an opportunity – don’t tempt them!

9. Keep your jewelry stowed. When en-route to your destination, keep your jewelry packed away. Use good judgement in taking jewelry on or off in front of people in hotel lobbies, airports and train stations. Again, don’t tempt thieves.

10. Safety deposit boxes are a great value and offer peace of mind regarding jewelry you aren’t taking on your trip. You can get one at your local bank and they are very affordable. In California they run about $ 40 per year.

8490224742_42516b7282_zWhat’s your best tip for traveling with jewelry? Post your comments and questions below. And if you liked this post share it with your friends!

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