Do you love the look of a long necklace or 2 layered up over a nice dress or blouse? I do! Long necklaces can truly make an outfit. But, what if you work in an office or an environment where you find that your long necklace gets caught in file cabinets, drawer handles, etc.? I have a solution for this dilemma!  When you are working with and around obstacles in which your chain or necklace might catch, simply gather the necklaces in your hand, bring them up to the opening or neckline of your blouse or dress and drop them INSIDE your top. That’s right drop them to the inside of your blouse or dress. This way you can continue to work or carry on with your project and not have your lovely jewelry getting caught on something, or worse, broken! Now the necklaces aren’t really hidden away, you can adjust them slightly so that they line up nicely inside the collar or neckline of your blouse or dress, so they are still complimenting your outfit. When you are ready to go out for lunch, to a meeting, or a cocktail party, just pull the necklaces to the outside, give them a little fluffing, maybe position them back under the collar of your blouse or dress, if it has one, so that they line up nicely and you’re good to go!
Check out these examples below.

gold chains on pinkAbove: On the left pearls and chains outside the blouse, and the suite of jewels dropped inside the blouse shown on the right.

burg dressAbove: Silver tone chains with pearls on the left shown out, and conveniently dropped inside the dress on the right. Notice how they still compliment the outfit.

stripe brownSimple gold chain on the left shown out, and dropped inside the blouse on the right. Again, just a peak of the gold chain still adds a nice touch.

Hope you found this hint helpful and if this advice saves just one necklace, then I’ve done my job!

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