Do you know the easiest way to select the best color in gemstones or costume jewelry that most flatters you? No worries if you don’t – that’s the point of today’s post! One of the best ways to determine what gemstones or jewels will work well on you is to match the gem or jewelry color to your eyes! This rule will almost always work no matter what your skin color, hair color, etc. So, let me show you a few examples!

gisele blue eyesBlue eyed women have some great choices in gemstones and colors that will always flatter them! Case in point, super model Gisele Budenchen with her steely blue eyes would look great in any shade of blue including turquoise, lapis, blue topaz and all ranges of blues.

cindy crawford brown eyesBrown eyed girls will look great in browns, smokey quartz, tortoise, shimmering golds, bronzes and citrine. Cindy Crawford has gorgeous brown eyes and can wear any of these autumnal shades of brown really well!

green eyes rihannaGreen and hazel eyed women will find that jade, green onyx, lemon citrine, and emerald and olive shades will always flatter them! Rihanna can wear all shades green with her beautiful hazel green eyes!

elizabeth taylor violet eyesRare, violet eyes will look beautiful emphasized with amethyst, purples, and lavender stones and colors! And Tahitian pearls with blues, greens and lavenders will also look amazing with violet eyes! Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her violet eyes!

This is an almost fool proof guide that will help you find the best colors to flatter you. When you emphasize your eyes with a like color, your eyes will pick that up and really stand out. And when you choose jewelry that picks up color from your eyes, you never have to worry about if the jewelry goes with your outfit because the jewelry goes with your eyes! The next time you are in a store, try on some earrings that are the same color family as your eyes and you will see how matching your eye color to jewelry really does compliment and flatter you!

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