A look at the Spring 2016 runway jewelry trends and where to find similar jewelry.

A change of seasons. Longer days. Warm weather. The anticipation of travel, family celebrations, July 4, dining al fresco, impromptu barbecues, sandy beaches, exploring your town or a new city. What ever you have planned this summer there are lots of fun options to look on trend and chic for all your activities.

Get ready to witness the magic of jewelry to update, flatter and punctuate your wardrobe for summer.

Here are the top jewelry trends for summer 2016. This roundup is inspired by the spring 2016 runway shows and with each trend I show examples of where to find similar pieces to get the look.

1. Statement earrings

This is the most important trend. Big, bold, loopy, stones, coral, acrylic, mod, metal, geometric. They all win because they are all stunning statement earrings. This is the easiest way to take your outfit from casual to dressy. Simply change your earring to a statement earring or chandelier style. The bigger the better. And if you are in doubt on the scale if you are petite, just put on a heel and it can do the trick to make it work for you. Also, if you have a roundish face, a vertical drop earring will be very flattering for you.

spring summer 2016 earrings 2

Get the look. From the left: Drop earrings with rhinestones, and shoulder duster style statement earrings. Both from Zara. Turquoise and orange earrings by Panacea at Nordstorm. 4 drop crystal earrings by Nadri at Nordstrom. Blue pave drop earrings in blue by Alexis Bittar. Far right H & M long earrings.

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Be adventurous and go for the mismatched, asymmetrical, solo or found in nature look earrings. We have seen this trend for several seasons now and it looks like it is here to stay. If you have not tried it, it looks like it could be pretty cool. You just need to wear your outfit with the confidence that this runway, and it looks good. And hey, hope you didn’t toss that single earring that lost its mate, because now you can wear it again! Seriously, I do think this is a good look, you just need to make sure you are comfortable wearing this. I am definitely going to try it. Yes, I will post pictures.

Copy of spring summer trends mis matched earrings

Get the look: From the left: Zara earrings as a related but not matching pair – wear both or just the long one. Next, a pack of assorted earrings again, from Zara. They seem to be the only retailer I can find with merchandise that acknowledges this trend.


2. Brooches

On a scarf wrapped in your neck. Lapels – very contemporary silhouettes. On a blouse Secured at the top of the placket, just under the collar. I was so excited to see these examples of brooches on the runway. The large geometric on the far left is cool and unexpected. A free flowing line juxtaposed on a traditional shawl collar looks great. How about the bold evil eye motif brooch on the green and white print blouse? I really like the brooch on the scarf – I think the key to this look is to choose a scarf that is not too big and voluminous – I mean your neck is just not that big – you just want to wrap it once. And the key to making it modern and young is to make sure a little skin shows at the neckline, the way the model does it. If you cover everything up, you will look end up in frump city fast. So, wear a V neck style tee to pull this look off. Finally love the silver tone safety pin brooch combination on the far right. This can be replicated with several brooches. Are your warming up to brooches? I hope so! Now, be sure and check out your brooches to see how you can replicate these looks.

Copy of Copy of spring summer trends brooches

Get the look. Bee and rhinestone stick pin and enamel carnation brooch, both by Oscar de la Renta and available at Neiman Marcus. Rhinestone floral brooch from Zara. Vintage brooches are an excellent idea for this trend as you will have far more options. Vintage green butterfly signed Weiss and vintage blue rhinestone, brooches available at Susan Jane Jewels on Etsy.

NMY322Y_muNMY302P_mu4319001050_1_1_1 il_570xN.703003070_c955 il_570xN.777140483_lrsi

3. Necklaces

Mixed media – textures , pendants, geometric shapes are what was shown on the runway. Mixing metals, mixing cording with metal and mixing raw stones with metal was popular for necklace adornment with the designers. Choker styles were also prevalent as well as rounded necklaces that laid below the collar bone.

spring summer trends necklaces hbz-ss2016-trends-jewelry-collarbone-necklaces-givenchy-clp-rs16-7886 tory-burch-clp-rs16-0501 stuart-clp-rs16-0350

Get the look. From left: This necklace is actually 3 separate necklaces, and sold together, from Zara. Geometric ball drop by Elizabeth & James at Bloomingdales. Bauble bar lava stone necklace at Bloomingdale’s. Major statement necklace from Zara.

4736204050_1_1_1 8965510_fpxn557s_swag_necklace_hero_v9118890_fpx

4. Bangles

2 ways – uniform stack : same style and color with maybe 1 color variation. or a single , bold statement. Uniformity in shape is the key to this look. Mix the colors to create variety and interest. The repetition is fresh and bold. Can you tell I like this trend! I especially love the bake-lite looking red and blue bangles and I always like the look of bamboo- anywhere, any time, even in home decor, but that’s another topic. Check out the mixing of the gold and the silver bangles in the top right corner; same bracelet different metal. See how the rhythm of this combination still works? If you have been afraid to mix your metals, this is a great example of fabulous mixing gold and silver can be. The other trend for bracelets is the single, bold statement cuff – see the 2 examples on the far right.

spring summer trends bracelets 2 hbz-ss2016-trends-jewelry-bangle-bracelets-celine-clp-rs16-4007 hbz-ss2016-trends-jewelry-industrial-tods-clp-rs16-6723

Get the look. From the left: Lucite bangles in aqua and blue by Alexis Bittar. (More colors available and loads more Lucite bangles on his website). Mixed set of acrylic bangles from They Call Her Flipper on Etsy. Gold with green stone cuff by Lele Sadoghi and hammered gold cuff with cut outs by Devon Leigh , both available at Neiman Marcus.

LC00B001094__PRODUCT_01--IMG_1200--SkinnyTaperedBangle--198161512 LC00B001212__PRODUCT_01--IMG_1200--TAPEREDBANGLE--730312276il_570xN.1008128107_59dz NMY2R9M_96_m NMY30NQ_mu

5. Tiaras and head embellishments

Keep in mind that runway shows are a bit theatrical, so we need to find our own way to translate this to real life. I love the idea of the headband with embellishment as shown in the top left. The traditional looking tiara, center, is going to be a little hard to pull off, because you will need to be very confident in your outfit. The lower left is so fabulous and a bit over the top. I could see something like this at a special cocktail party or wedding, or a bride going for this look. It is very pretty and who doesn’t love flowers? Lower right, I adorn this headband. Depending on your style and what you do all day, I think this could be worn to work if you are in a creative industry, or in an environment this not traditional dress. This is so chic and beautiful. What I like best about this trend is that it is great for those who want to want to look taller and slimmer.

spring summer tiaras and headbands

Get the look. From left: Zara tiara, Jennifer Behr brass and crystal tiara from Neiman Marcus. Eugenia Kim blush and cream floral headband and Jennifer Behar Lotus Circlet headband both at Neiman Marcus.

4319028303_2_3_1 NMD18WT_mu NMD0ZHJ_mu NMD15UD_mu

6. Pearls with an edge

Pearls were shown contemporary and edgy last fall and the trend continues. The best example is the far right photo with the 4 row pearl and metal necklace. This is way bold and way edgy, but I like it. It has a bit of a tribal vibe to it. I can see it on a simple black sheath dress. Far left, the single drop pearl earring on a length of chain looks fresh and new. Lots of possibilities here.

Copy of spring summer trends edgy pearls

Get the look

From the left: Tory Burch pearl necklace and pearl tipped bracelet. Pearl, gold and black bracelet by Lele Sadoughi at Neiman Marcus. Rebecca Minkoff silver tone and pearl tipped necklace at Bloomingdale’s. Kendra Scott pearl Sayers earrings, Bloomingdale’s.

TB_29204_105 TB_29126_105 NMY339W_1D_m 9052769_fpx9052344_fpx

7. Scarves as jewelry

I had to include the scarf because I love how these light weight, most likely silk scarves finish each of these looks below. From the left: the red scarf with the tassel is donned like a a bib. The black and white look shows 2 scarves tied at the neck, one looser than the other. The long flowing red and orange print scarf also looks like it is layered with a black and white scarf. The grey with white trim scarf is most likely silk chiffon and is so elegantly tied at the neckline. What a nice way to soften and feminize a gray suit. Finally on the fair right ( also shown above with the brooch trend), the scarf wrapped at the neck with a brooch to secure it. These are all very doable looks. So if you go for a scarf this summer you can skip the necklace.

spring summer trends scarves as neckwear hbz-ss2016-trends-jewelry-collarbone-necklaces-dior-clp-rs16-1701 hbz-ss2016-trends-jewelry-scarves-dior-clp-rs16-1718

Get the look. So many options I can’t list them here. Check your scarf drawer and see if you can try something new with scarves you already own. Don’t forget to try the brooch securing your scarf.

8. Color, folklore and tassels

Love the colors in the earrings on the examples on the far right. And the swing and movement or as I like to say the animation of a tassel is extremely flattering. The sunny, summery colors of the folkloric trend are just punch and pop to bring some festive colors and textures into your wardrobe.

spring summer tassel jewelry hbz-ss2016-trends-jewelry-bold-colored-earrings-dolce-e-gabb-clp-rs16-0200

Get the look. From the left: Tory Burch tassel necklace and related earrings. Bold statement necklace with sea green pineapple details and rhinestones from Zara. Beaded and tasseled set of 3 bracelets at Nordstom. Pink and white long tassel earrings by Bauble Bar at Nordstrom. Drop beaded earrings by Jose & Maria Berrera at Neiman Marcus.

TB_12165747_962 TB_12165538_962   _12237567 _12576356NMY2ZXY_mu

Hope you had fun checking out the trends. Share this post with your friends who would love to check out the latest summer jewelry trends too.

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