Happy Birthday Edith! Thanks for all the gorgeous fashion captured on film and movie stars!

edith-headOctober 28th is Edith Head’s birthday and I have enjoyed learning so much about this talented costume designer this year! I want to share two wonderful resources and opportunities if you would like to learn more too!

1. Kimberly Truhler has a fabulous website called GlamAmor. She has lots of information regarding Edith Head and the stars she dressed and collaborated with in films, movies and special events. Below is Edith Head and Gloria Swanson during the filming of Sunset Boulevard.

Edith Head + Gloria Swanson + thanks TheHairPin.com2. Susan Claassen’s live performance as Edith Head in a play called: A Conversation with Edith Head. She has an uncanny resemblance to Edith Head and makes appearances as Edith Head as well as performing her show. Get details here for her upcoming schedule.

3. Edith Head had some great quotes! Click here to read some of her best!

Finally, I love looking at the sketches from some of Edith’s most famous films so I have included my favorites!edith-head-bette-dress-sketchSketch from one of my most favorite films, All About Eve!

tumblr_m508vn1GNF1r8zf24o1_1280Grace Kelly sketch for a scene in Rear Window

10030429_1Sketch for Joanne Woodward in A New Kind of Love. If you have not seen this film you must see it simply for the gorgeous clothing!


Interesting note regarding the Breakfast at Tiffanys sketch above: Hubert de Givenchy designed the clothing for Audrey Hepburn while for this film and Edith Head’s title is Costume Supervisor.




Sketch for Elizabeth Taylor costume for A Place In The Sun. Great film by the way!

2967_1_lgSketch for the film Sweet Charity starring Shirley MacClaine!

1000x1000Above, the ball gown for Grace Kelly for the film To Catch A Thief.

05_head_grace-kellyAnther fabulous Grace Kelly gown – this was for the Academy Awards ceremony.

d4832499xAnother fabulous gown by Hubert de Givenchy! Despite the fact the Givenchy designed Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe for this film, it is very interesting that Edith Head signs the sketch! Again, her title for this film was Costume Supervisor.

What’s your favorite Edith Head film? Leave a comment below!

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