All About Eve (Bette Davis)  Bette-in-All-About-Eve-bette-davis-4477073-500-377One of my all time favorite movies is All About Eve. If you have not seen it, and you love fashion, you must see it! Great story, script, acting and fashion! And even a cameo appearance from Marilyn Monroe! In the movie Bette Davis’s character, Margo Channing, wears several brooches really well on 3 different black dresses.  These are 3 examples of how a brooch can look so chic! Just one piece, off center or to the side.  What do you think? What are your tricks to wearing a brooch? Below are just a few rhinestone brooches from my collection which would work well in recreating the look.

IMG_0782For more information regarding the costumes for All About Eve here are 2 very good blog posts on this subject.

1. Click here to read about Edith Head and her role as costume designer for this film.

2. Click here for an informative look at how the costumes reflected the characters and story line in All About Eve.

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