Peggy’s style has clearly evolved since Mad Men began. Her hairstyle in particular helped elevate her appearance from Brooklyn ingenue to smart, confident working girl. Her pony tail did not last long and the shorter hair-do, usually flipped out, always with side swept bangs is perfect to show off earrings. And she wears earrings so well! I love the button style on her as it really puts the focus on her eyes! She also likes pearl sets wearing a necklace and earrings together (photo 2). A classic look and very Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. The yellow rhinestone necklace and matching earrings (photo 4) are another example of the “face framing” that looked so good on Betty as noted in part 1 of this series and it looks just as good on Peggy.  My favorite look for Peggy is photo 5 with the green/yellow rhinestone earrings! Which one is yours? For more information on Mad Men click here.

peggy button ears finalpeggy pearls finalpeggy daisy brooch finalpeggy yellow finalpeggy rhinestone ears final

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