Another year comes to a close and with it, another, fresh new year is around the corner. How will you be ringing in 2015? In case you need some last minute jewelry ideas for your little black dress I’ve come up with a few looks to help you. Also, this is where having a good jewelry wardrobe really pays off. You can wear the same dress as last year and by changing the jewelry, you can completely update and change the look!

First up, Rhinestones are a girls best friend! I take the “prom queen” element out of the necklaces by layering 2 together. This fills in the fairly bare and open neckline really well. Also, I love to keep the focus near the face and achieve that by putting 2 rhinestone brooches on the shoulder. You can finish the look with a small to medium size rhinestone earring. The focal point with this look is in the neckline /shoulder area. If you add a big earring, the effect will be way too busy.

IMG_6865IMG_6869IMG_6867Another look I’ve been wanting to try is Ralph Lauren inspired! Pinning rhinestone brooches to a Russian style fur hat! And it’s cold enough here in Los Angeles that I could actually wear this look! I used the same brooches that I showed above. Who wants a shot of vodka?IMG_6896Another necklace that would work well with little black dress is this Lanvin style bib necklace.

IMG_6871IMG_6872Add some simple bangles and statement earrings, to frame your face and you have a fabulous look!

yes (3)Now if your dress or blouse has a bit of a 1970s vibe, I selected my favorite 70s inspired jewelry plus a cool Italian handbag that would look so chic all together!

disco (2)Add some color to your little black dress with a colorful clutch! This pink one is vintage from the early 1990s! Mix in jeweled and gold bangles with bold, rhinestone earrings and you’ll have a very festive look!YES

YES (2)The final look is layering a vintage, black cabochon stone collar necklace with a textured, faded gold necklace. These 2 mate up really well and together make a more substantial look to fill in the neckline on this dress.

IMG_6864Add some statement earrings, a fur wrap and your good to go! use this one

Hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve! Cheers!!

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