Thanks Jute Magazine and stylist Raven Roberts for including the Susan Jane jewelry collection in the July 13, 2014 issue! You can see the complete editorial here. If you have not heard of Jute, here’s a little bit from their website:

“Jute magazine celebrates the individual fashionista. It’s about fashion at all levels and finding your own style by mixing and matching. We love everything from Gucci to Guess to Goodwill. It’s not about where the clothes come from, it’s how you wear them.”

The online magazine is packed with great ideas and inspiration. I will definitely be looking at Jute Magazine on a regular basis! Let me know what you think of Jute! Leave your comments below.

JuteMagazineXI_21JuteMagazineXI_22Want more details on the Susan Jane items shown in these photos?


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