The sum of the parts is worth more than the individual pieces. I like that saying and I love the effect with jewelry. I was photographing some artwork for my new website, and other up coming projects and so enjoyed the results of the photo session, I decided to share it! I love these examples because you can really see how mixing, layering, and doubling over can really elevate your necklaces to a fabulous new level! Try some of these looks with what you already own, and wear them to work, the grocery store or your next cocktail party and people will stop you and say – “Wow, love your jewelry!” Now, the pieces I used in all these photos are second hand, vintage pieces I found at the thrift store, flea market, etc.

My first look is a gold tone mix with 4 necklaces. From the top, a Monet collar necklace, Monet gold tone chain, Trifari rectangular pendent necklace and the finishing touch is a long, aurora borealis rhinestone necklace. Quite a nice look, don’t you think? By having one necklace closer up to the face, this helps create a vertical line – making your appear taller and slimmer. Also, it balances the longer necklaces so that they don’t weigh you down and brings a nice focus back up to your face!

IMG_5256IMG_5267The next look is silver story. I used 4 necklaces all with a unique scale or texture but with a common tone, in this case silver. From the top, Monet flower collar necklace, Trifari spike necklace, Monet ball and chain necklace which is doubled over and last is another Monet, 3 strand chain necklace. It’s okay to try this at home; may I suggest a little black dress or chambray blouse? A crisp white shirt would be fabulous too!

IMG_5261IMG_5263Next up is a pearl and gold combination. Can a girl ever have enough pearls?! I think not! From the top: unsigned multi-strand pearl and chain necklace, probably from the 1990s, a long pearl and chain necklace with rhinestone rondells – doubled over, Monet flat chain, pearl and chain necklace with open diamond links, and finally a mostly pearl necklace with gold and rhinestone detail. Now you might think, oh, that’s a lot of jewelry – but trust me, this would be fabulous on a solid color dress or blouse. Another great way to wear this look is over a white tank top, with a long sleeve cotton blouse and wear all the jewelry inside the blouse, with the blouse unbuttoned to just about your waist. Add a simple, stud earring and that’s it.

IMG_5268IMG_5278My last look is a “rock of the 80s/90s” suite. Big, bold gold necklaces, that worn individually hark of Dynasty and shoulder pads, look fresh and contemporary when stacked together. Again, sticking with the rule of thumb that the key to mixing and layering is making sure that there is some kind of commonality. In this example chunky gold necklaces all of generally the same shade of gold, work very well together, yet each has it’s own personality in the design, pacing and links. I had to show a couple earring possibilities too! Just got both pairs of these “totally awesome” 1990s earrings and I am thrilled with how they look with the stacked necklaces! The necklaces featured here are, starting from the top right: Anne Klein, large shiny herring bone style Carolee, and the open, alternating textured/smooth necklace is by Napier. The fabulous jewel toned earrings are both unsigned. Love the color blocking in the pair on the left and I think the swirl on the other pair look like a K for, in my opinion, Karl Lagerfeld!

IMG_5282IMG_5287So, tell me – what’s your favorite look? Leave a comment below! And share your jewel box layering success stories on Instagram, tag #susanjanejewels! Also, almost all the jewelry featured in this post is available in the on line store here.


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