newsletter lead photoDid you see all the gorgeous jewelry featured in the July issue of Vogue? I loved the editorial called Belles & Whistles which featured upcoming fall trends including collar necklaces, brooches and chandelier earrings. I loved all the pieces they showed and took some of my favorite looks and found items in my store mimic the look. Perhaps you might have similar jewels in your jewelry wardrobe to get the same effect? IMG_0938This statement necklace is very similar to a 3 tier, pink and brown rhinestone brooch in my store. Love the big, bold look of both of these pieces.IMG_0940Dolce & Gabanna never fails with lots of lovely details. I love the way the model wears a brooch on the placket between her collar. I found a similar brooch in my personal collection shown on the far right.IMG_0951Two brooches on one outfit? Be still my heart! Check out the fabulous starburst brooch from my store on the left and how similar it is to the one on the models skirt. Also, love the CB (for Cristobal Balenciaga) brooch she wears on the bodice. I found similar earrings to those in the photo so I had to include those too.IMG_0948Flowers in your hair? I say yes. The brooch on the model is awesome and I found a similar one, green and white rhinestone with gold stem, to get the look. Honestly I am not sure how to secure this to your hair-do, but will check it out and report back soon. good

I am very excited for fall and hope your enjoyed this “get the look” email! If you would like to shop these pieces and more, visit Susan Jane Jewels, for more details or over on my etsy store here.

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