I love talking with customers about fashion, jewelry and accessories. This week I am sharing the answers to your most frequently asked questions. Hope this list will help address any concerns you might have regarding vintage jewelry! If this list does not answer a specific question for you, please feel free to ask me! I will try my best to assist you!


1. Why vintage jewelry?

Vintage jewelry can add a very cool element to your wardrobe. It can become your signature piece for the season. Think of it like decorating a room: Mixing furniture and decorative accessories, with a combination of high/low, new/old, vintage/antique pieces you love, creates a unique reflection and extension of yourself. The same approach works for curating and selecting vintage jewelry for your wardrobe.  Jewelry finishes your outfit and makes you looks well dressed.  Add a piece of vintage jewelry or two and create a covetous look!

2. Isn’t vintage jewelry kind of dirty and sticky?

All the vintage jewelry sold on Susan Jane is cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. This removes that sticky, dusty “hand” that is very common in vintage jewelry that is a result of having been handled by many people in thrift stores, flea markets, etc. Once cleaned, rhinestones sparkle, metals shine and the jewelry feels nice and clean to the hand.

3. What about condition – are the pieces broken, missing rhinestones, etc.?

I hand select each piece and make sure that all jewelry is in good working order prior to selling it. If rhinestones are missing, they are replaced. If a clasp is malfunctioning, it is repaired/replaced. In addition, all jewelry is checked again before shipping to make sure that it is ready to wear upon receipt.

4. What about the backs on earrings? Clip backs hurt and I don’t want the old post finding that someone else wore – how do you address those concerns?

All the clip back earrings come with bramd new cushion backs that slide over the clip. These make wearing clip backs comfortable and help hold the earrings in place. Likewise all pierced earrings come with brand new earring backs either in gold or silver tone, depending upon the color of the earrings.

5. Where does all this jewelry come from?

Based in Beverly Hills, California, I locate the best vintage jewels in southern California by shopping flea markets, estate sales and thrift shops. I love the thrill of the hunt!

6. Can’t I just find all the same jewelry on Ebay?

Yes, you can find it on Ebay, but Susan Jane eliminates the project of watching and bidding on an item, researching, cleaning and repairing it, so that you can find that fabulous piece, buy it and add it to your jewelry collection! The online store is also sorted/sectioned into categories to help buyers quickly identify what style, era or vibe they are in the mood to shop for, again eliminating the “sifting” through of many items that is a standard shopping experience on sites like Ebay.  Consider Susan Jane your personal shopper for the best in cool vintage jewelry!

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