I have special treat today! Miss Pumpkin stopped by the studio last week and graciously agreed to model for Susan Jane! We were delighted to have her on set for the whole afternoon. She worked closely with the stylist to create these glamorous looks featuring the Susan Jane collection. Miss Pumpkin arrived on time with no entourage and no attitude. She was charming and fun. Her choice of music while the camera snapped? The Smashing Pumpkins of course! Between photos she snacked on pumpkin biscotti and sipped a pumpkin spice latte!

art deco pumpkin flapperMiss Pumpkin gets glamorous in this vintage, 1920’s/30s Art Deco look!

french pearls pumpkinViva La France! Our French couture look with lots of pearls, complete with beret!

breakfast at tiffany holly golightly pumpkinCan you say Moon River? Miss Pumpkin sure knows how to channel the Holly Golightly character from Breakfast at Tiffany! The rhinestone hair clip was her idea!

60s pumpkinAll glammed up with this 1960s look. The only thing missing is a vintage, convertible Jaguar!

70s pumpkin discoBurn baby burn! Disco inferno! Miss Pumpkin even taught us how to Hustle while we shot this 70s look!

hollywood rhintestones pumpkinPortraying the ultimate in old Hollywood glamor, Miss Pumpkin is red carpet ready!

80s pumpkinOn the catwalk! Rocking the 1980s/90s in this stunning combination of chunky gold necklaces and related earrings!

Well that was fun, wasn’t it? Thank you Miss Pumpkin for the great photos! Do stop by the studio again soon!

Which look is your favorite? Leave a comment below and share this with your fashion and jewelry loving friends!

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