Halloween is in 2 weeks! Are you ready to celebrate with a fun, jewelry fueled costume? Of course your are! I have 3 easy costume ideas that rely heavily on jewelry to achieve a fabulous look! Almost every one can locate or borrow items to accurately create costumes for each of these characters or concepts!

1. Rhinestone Cowboy

14390624282_6055442be2_ofabulous photo by Davidbaxendale!

You will need:

  • As many rhinestones as you can locate: brooches, necklaces and a great pair of earrings
  • Cowboy hat
  • Jeans or a jean skirt
  • Plaid or chambray shirt
  • bandana
  • Boots or heels
  • Pile on the rhinestone brooches and necklaces. Go for the most dramatic rhinestone earrings you can find! Pin some rhinestone brooches on your hat. Put your cowboy boots or heels on and go!


IMG_53312. Coco Chanel

Coco-Chanel-3You will need:

  • Slim black skirt and related jacket or sweater. If you don’t have the black skirt, you can wear a cream/white, wide legged trouser as a bottom. The top MUST be black.
  • Black hosiery (skip if wearing trousers)
  • Black shoes
  • A few strands of pearls; one needs to be long
  • Button style earrings
  • Matching cuff bracelets, or 2 bold bracelets that somehow could be perceived as a pair. Coco Chanel was famous for her Verdura cuff bracelets!
  • Small, black rimmed hat. Bonus if you can add a similar jewel as shown in the photo above!
  • Cigarette. It’s okay not to smoke, just have the cigarette handy for drama!
  • French accent! Tell everyone how much you LOVE the south of France! And if you have time, memorize a few famous Chanel quotes, available here


3. Holly Golightly character from Breakfast at Tiffany

audrey-hepburn-holly-golightly-breakfast-at-tiffanysYou will need:

  • Slim, sleeveless, black dress – long is best but knee length will work too
  • Long black gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Multi stand pearl necklace
  • Large rhinestone brooch, that you will secure to the front and center of the pearl necklace. (read my post on how to secure the brooch and pearls to best mimic this famous necklace here!)
  • Styrofoam coffee cup
  • glazed doughnut
  • Rhinestone jewel for your hair – this can be a brooch that you secure with your hair up, or a rhinestone barette, or better yet, some kind of tiara. Just get some kind jewel to accent your updo
  • Cigarette and holder – optional
  • Tiffany shopping bag -optional
  • Black heels

holly gol


I would love to see your photos for any of these jeweled Halloween costumes ideas outlined above! Post them on Instagram with the hash tag: #susanjanejewels

Got a brilliant Halloween costume idea that utilizes jewelry as a key to the look? I would love to hear about it! Share your ideas and comments below!





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